jessica-mccommackJessica McCormack – Lucky strike earrings

Artistic jewels

Diamonds are a girls best friend. They are something you cherish and keep forever. And as for jewellery itself, the kind you wear most certainly says a thing or two about your personality and lifestyle.

Jessica McCormacks jewellery however is inspired by her surroundings, simulating the objects and landmarks that intrigue her. To her, jewellery design is more of an art, about “creating miniature sculptures”. She has created jewel encrusted pieces which substitute the real world from her own power of invention with a whimsical vision to make precious objects accessible and wearable. Her diamonds simulate landmarks like the skyscaper’s rooftops of the city skyline (New York Night necklace), The London Eye earrings or The Cog braclet which looks like the driving mechanism of a watch’s movement.

McCormack speaks of her jewellery as ‘the end result of her desire to turn what she perceives to be beautiful into a tiny piece of art.’ Her jewellery is not only elegant and stylish but versatile making it very easily adaptable into any wardrobe and can be worn with jeans or that favourite little black number. Her pieces are as enduring and as timeless as the symbols they represent – never overpowering proving diamonds really are forever!

To find out more about the ‘Lucky strike’ earrings or any other Jessica McCormack products, you can e-mail her website or simply visit the ‘Iconic shop’Liv