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Luxury fashion is about sending a message of confidence, ease, tastefulness and pride and a recent collaboration between the very well known bespoke ‘House of Boucheron’ and luxury mobile phone company ‘Vertu’ proves just that bringing about the result of a collection of seven magnificent mobile phones. This creative co-existence also marks and celebrates Boucheron’s 150th anniversary and in the maisons own words ” combines its luxury savoir-faire with Vertu’s modern technology”.


The collection consists of a set of unique mobile phone designs in accordance with the aesthetics of both Boucheron and Vertu, adorned with gold, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones with elaborate, complicated designs. Each individually named Audacious, Voluptuous, Curious, Gourmand, Magic, Dangerous and Mysterious the designs of these seven signature phones are inspired by the “Seven Muses” of the Enchanting Boucheron collection. And should you find the adornments a bit too much for a certain occasion, Boucheron has had the insight to make the pieces of jewellery that adorn the phones detachable and thus able to be worn separately as a pendant.

Elegant, sleek and stylish, this mobile phone collection is one of a kind. And with the design and luxury of the mobile phone fast becoming a must for the devoted and in some cases “very rich fashionista”, you wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity to get one of these crazy beautiful phones. Above all, a mobile phone is one of the most important accessories you take around so don’t let your fashion fall short where it’s most important. Bearing all of that in mind, it’s safe to say these aren’t going cheap, unless your earnings fall into the disposable category of course. Visit www.boucheron.comLiv

July 2018
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